If swimwear models begin to be considered and bought back in January, then fashionable beach shoes are chosen at the last moment. This omission should be corrected and look at the right models in time. Great news – these models are not subject to trends. What you have chosen for yourself will serve you for more than one season. But there are still a few simple rules that allow you to turn summer into a holiday. Types of women’s beach shoes: slates, flip flops and slippers. There are many styles for the perfect holiday today. The main rule that designers have taken as a basis for themselves is comfort multiplied by style. So, the main types of beach shoes that can be ordered in the Havaianas online store.


The traditional, and even national style, which is preferred by Asian women, is taken as the basis. Comfortable flat sole and fastening with narrow straps. One of them is securely fastened between the toes. Perfectly open – it’s not for nothing that you did a great pedicure. Simple and very convenient, especially if you prefer sandy rather than pebbly beaches. On “difficult” rocky beaches, flip flops are practically useless. They can be ordered from the Havaianas online store.

Flip flops

From artificial materials of any manufacturers: from nameless to branded. The composition of materials has also changed, it has become less toxic, often Teflon-coated textiles or plastic are used for the “top”. But the style has remained unchanged. A flat sole and a wide jumper on the foot that opens the toes is not the most elegant, but very practical style. This kind of summer shoes can be ordered from the Havaianas online store.

Closed Toe Slippers

In the strict sense of the fashion term, these are shoes with a closed toe. It is usually preferred by those who do not like sand clogging their shoes. Few people love him! This is the most camphoric model, on the basis of which many stylish options are created today. This type of beach shoes can be ordered from the Havaianas online store.

Choosing any of these models, it is worth forgetting the very concept of “heels”. They have already become a byword in all the world’s resorts and a symbol of bad taste. Plus, it’s frankly inconvenient. Add height and grace to the silhouette will allow flat, but “thick” soles. They go well with any current models of summer shoes. Excellent high-soled beach shoes can be ordered from the Havaianas online store.

Choosing a summer wardrobe is a pleasure in itself. But as often happens, only the most comfortable things get out of a huge suitcase, and most of the things return home, never worn.

Spectacular shoes and stiletto sandals are at particular risk. But stylish beach shoes are exactly what you will wear with pleasure every day. Therefore, its choice should be treated with special attention. This can be done in the Havaianas online store.

In what key it will be sustained, depends only on personal preferences. Stylish beach shoes of literally all directions are in fashion: romantic and glamorous, ethnic, sports and even avant-garde. One pair is clearly not enough, because in modern trends it is not customary to combine clothes and shoes in the same style. And, besides, such models perfectly make up an ensemble not only with beach outfits, but also with clothes for urban looks.

Despite such an extensive offer of summer collections, there are still a few rules for choosing shoes. First of all, it should not be faceless, nondescript slates will spoil you not only the whole look, but also your summer mood. Secondly, it is in summer that designers are prone to fashion adventures. It is no coincidence that even sports models look glamorous and slightly defiant. The most trendy summer shoes can be ordered at the Havaianas online store.

A trend that has firmly settled in summer fashion is shoes lavishly decorated with sequins, rhinestones, chains, beads and even feathers. Yes, these models are perfect for a pool party. But it is their stylists who offer to wear during the day.

Great, especially for those who, even on vacation, think about the proportions of their own silhouette, models with an “inflated” or multi-layered sole are suitable. This is a kind of alternative to fashionable platforms. And the alternative is safe. Pay attention to what such a sole is made of. Orthopedic, leg-shaped materials are exactly what you need. Models of this kind can be ordered from the Havaianas online store.

In general, summer is a time of rest and freedom. Therefore, shoes are mostly very democratic, practical and comfortable. Follow the link to the Havaianas online store and choose your favorite model.