Even in the cold season, we women want to look attractive and stylish. Therefore, autumn-winter dresses have no less different models and styles than in the spring-summer period. By the way, they can be ordered in the Roman online store.

Fashionable dresses for the autumn-winter season 2022-2023 are not limited to warm knitted and knitted outfits. For the cold season, designers used velvet, chiffon, silk, tweed, leather and even denim.

On the catwalks, both classic styles and rather original models with asymmetry and catchy decor were announced. Maxi length dresses, as well as bold mini dresses, have become trendy. But there is one subtlety here: dresses of minimum length must be combined with jeans or very tight-fitting trousers. It looks unusual and not defiant. Both jeans under the dress, and trousers, as well as the dress itself, can be ordered in the Roman online store.

Among the fashionable autumn-winter dresses, there are universal models that allow a woman to combine them with various shoes and outerwear. For special evening outings, you can choose a trendy design with chic fitted styles and long dresses with a flying silhouette.

A tandem of elegance and seductiveness is distinguished by fashionable suiting dresses. They look like an elongated jacket. A stylish jacket dress in early autumn can be worn on its own without outerwear. The best shoes for a similar look with a dress are over the knee boots. It goes well with both trousers and jeans. Meanwhile, in this combination, high boots without heels are suitable. But this all varies from anthropometric data. If the girl / woman is tall, then the heel is not needed. And in case of small stature—it can be small, 5 centimeters. Nevertheless, dresses for every taste can be ordered in the Roman online store.

Also, tight sundresses, ideal for office everyday life, will also be relevant this season.


Zebra, leopard, tiger. The bright colors of tropical butterflies with the light hand of designers were transferred to the trends of the autumn-winter 2022-2023 season. The print is quite catchy. Therefore, if you would rather not look awkward in such a dress, choose accessories and shoes to match one of the shades of the print. But such outfits are very dangerous in terms of the fact that they are not suitable for everyone. Moreover, here you need to clearly know the line: for full women, this is generally contraindicated. In other cases, jewelry, in particular gold and diamonds, is taboo. It is desirable that the colors of the dress be black and white. It looks elegant and tasteful. Dresses of any style and color can be ordered in the Roman online store.


We will not part with fashionable floral dresses in the autumn-winter season. All sorts of floral patterns and floral prints on dresses look great, giving their owner romance and femininity. Dresses of any style and color can be ordered in the Roman online store.

Polka dots

Polka dot dresses are also not going to leave fashion trends yet. This print is characterized by midi dresses with light flowing fabric. Dresses of any style and color can be ordered in the Roman online store.


Beloved by many, the cell has found its purpose in fashionable dresses of various styles. In addition to the classic black and gray palette, checkered dresses can be of any shade.


Double-breasted models have become an interesting novelty. One side has one shade, and the other the second. Such two-tone dresses look quite impressive, especially when combined with contrasting colors. Dresses of any style and color can be ordered in the Roman online store.

Fashion is a very fickle thing, so the Roman online store recommends always having dress models for all occasions. Moreover, for a woman, there is always not enough clother to wear.