Human eyes are exposed to a lot of stress throughout the day. This is especially true for people working on a PC. Therefore, Chemist 4U notes that visual fatigue may occur. It is expressed by dryness, overthrow, redness and tearing. Eliminate eye fatigue can special drops. They remove irritation and return the normal functionality of the retina.

Chemist 4U draws attention: constant irritation and fatigue of the eyeball can lead to poor vision. Naturally, for prevention, it is necessary not only to apply drops, but also to do the appropriate gymnastics. Means remove only a consequence.

Eye fatigue: how to determine

Scientists call eye fatigue the term asthenopia. It refers to the rapid fatigue of the visual organs during visual work, especially if it occurs at close range. This is not a disease. However, if left untreated, asthenopia can lead to refractive errors and significant eye problems. Therefore, Chemist 4U is advised not to ignore the first symptoms of visual fatigue. The following signs will help determine if you have asthenopia:

  • blurred vision, it seems as if there is a “veil” before the eyes;
  • vagueness of the picture;
  • distortion of the perception of the shapes of objects, it seems to a person that they are larger or smaller than their actual dimensions;
  • often the eyes may be red and look inflamed;
  • in the area of ​​visual organs, the temperature may rise;
  • lacrimation often occurs;
  • a person is overcome by a feeling of discomfort, he feels pain and pain.

In addition, headaches and irritability may occur with asthenopia. Increased intracranial pressure, which provokes an overstrain of the cerebral vessels.

What causes tired eyes?

Chemist 4U notes several factors that cause eye fatigue:

  • long work at the computer monitor;
  • prolonged TV viewing;
  • “sticking” into the phone (this is most of all saddens the eyesight, since at a low clock frequency ripples begin to appear on the smartphone screen. This can be seen by pointing the turned on camera of one phone to the monitor of another. You just need to select an application with a dominant white background. This affects new generation phones with OLED matrices);
  • long reading of a book;
  • work related to small details (watch repair, jewelry making).

Due to overstrain, the facial and eye muscles begin to contract, which causes pain. In addition, a person begins to blink not as often as necessary, so the mucous membrane dries out, signs of irritation appear, itching and redness occur. Most often, eye fatigue is experienced by people suffering from refractive errors such as astigmatism, myopia, and so on.

Chemist 4U warns: Whatever causes asthenopia, it should not be neglected and must be treated. Eye drops that relieve fatigue are effective drugs. They are used in the treatment of various types of inflammation of the eyeball.

Types of drops from visual fatigue

Chemist 4U highlights the main types of eye drops:

  • moisturizing drops. They renew the eye film and form it, prevent irritation and dryness of the organs of vision, and protect against undesirable environmental influences. For people who use contact lenses, special moisturizing solutions have been developed. They are prescribed in order to further moisturize the cornea;
  • means of eliminating fatigue when working at a PC. The composition of such preparations includes vitamin supplements. Drops not only moisturize the mucous membrane, but also preserve clarity of vision when sitting at the monitor for a long time and act as a prophylactic against “dry eye syndrome”;
  • solutions with a vasoconstrictor effect. They eliminate puffiness, normalize the activity of the eye vessels with visual overstrain. Individual drops act as a local anesthetic.

Naturally, in order to understand which drops are needed in a particular case, Chemist 4U recommends contacting an ophthalmologist. Healthy vision is a very important factor in a person’s sense of self. They don’t need to be neglected. Take care of yourself and be healthy!