We continue to explore the trends for men this season with Bershka. We settled on knitted jumpers. Furthermore, we can add to all this: you do not need to choose clothes only from natural fabrics. This is since, for example, a wool sweater will become unusable after the first wash. You should always choose clothes with the addition of 30% polyester. This does not mean that the clothes are of poor quality. It just makes it last a lot longer. But, back to the discussion!

1. Neon yellow color

The top of the rating, along with pastel, is shared by a bright yellow color. Now, this color is associated with maximum sophistication. So if you want to look ultra-fashionable, be sure to stock up on yellow pieces of clothing from Bershka. And the brighter they are, the better!

2. Sneakers for a suit

Today, suits are somewhat different from overly spacious or tight-fitting models. The trousers are made wide, but slightly narrowed down, and on the trousers there are ironed arrows. They come with oversized jackets. Three-piece suits with a vest remain in trend. And all this can be worn with sneakers from Bershka if you like casual style. In the trend – printed models in stripes and cages.

3. Streetstyle

If we consider men’s clothing styles in 2022, then most of the outfits include elements characteristic of street style. For example, traditional plaid shirts or denim jackets from Bershka.

As for the shirt cut, it is now in trend as a classic fit. Skinny fit guys look great in them, as well as a semi-fitted classic cut. The latter is suitable for those who have not yet lost extra centimeters around the waist. Of the current trends, we would highlight cuffs on the sleeves.

Pay special attention to models without a collar. Suitable for those who do not wear ties. Ideal for office and everyday wear. Moreover, the stand-up collar can be slightly unbuttoned to achieve the greatest relaxation.

4. Sports style

While the girls are wearing sports pants with stripes from Bershka under the stilettos, the men are not far behind. Designers offer to combine sportswear with classic wardrobe items – coats, sweatshirts, jeans. It looks very organic, especially if you get into the color scheme. For example: a hunting coat, tracksuit and sneakers or sneakers from Bershka.

5.Total print

Fashionable menswear 2022 promises to be bold and extraordinary. An excellent proof of this is the course towards total print. Fashion houses showed a lot of monochrome images. They are based not only on monochromatic solutions, but also on stripes, cages and floral motifs. The main thing is that the shirt, trousers, jacket, tie be in the same range and with the same pattern. And it will be a real bomb!

If you understand more closely, then fashion is what suits you. We have only outlined the main trends. However, everything you need to create your personal look can be purchased at the Bershka online store.