A lot has been written about women’s fashion trends. But very little is said about its male component. The current year brings fashion to the style of street style. Casual, smart casual, as well as relaxed sporty and sporty chic. Let’s take a look at the main trends and how they will look. Moreover, the Bershka online store presents a new collection for men. Let’s go!

1. Bomber

In the photo of street stylers, such stylish men’s clothing as a bomber jacket often appears. With its help, it is easier to create images that exude indomitable charm and the spirit of freedom. But if earlier such jackets were made of leather and wool, today models made of polyester, cotton, and sometimes silk are relevant.

You can wear a bomber jacket from Bershka both with sportswear and with strict models. It is perfect for creating trendy layered looks: a turtleneck, a knitted tank top, and a jacket on top. By the way, inspiration for fresh ideas can be seen in the film “Gentlemen” and “Operation Fortune” by Guy Ritchie. They feature very detailed male images. We advise!

2. Pastel shades

Fashionable clothes for men 2022 are colored in pastel colors. Moreover, you can use a variety of solutions from traditional blue to pale green, pink and purple shades. Such solutions prevail over the usual options, so do not miss the opportunity to include a new piece from Bershka in your wardrobe!

As for the combination of colors, monochrome rules here. Keep a balance so that all things in the outfit have the same saturation. Along with this, note that the classics are still in fashion – brown of all shades, black and white, as well as neon yellow and graphite gray. The Bershka online store presents clothes in all trendy colors and shades!

3. Linen

Summer brings more freedom and informality into our lives. Therefore, the stylish menswear of the 2022 collection from Bershka is often made from linen. Linen suits are now an absolute trend, they remind of a leisurely vacation by the sea. But if a whole linen suit is too much for you, stop at the comfortable and stylish linen shorts from Bershka. For office outfits, there are elegant models with arrows. Add to them a loose shirt, jacket – and the image is ready!

4. Bermuda

An absolute must have of the season in both women’s and men’s fashion is Bermuda shorts. Last summer it was popular to wear XXS models, and today we are wearing knee-length wide shorts. Moreover, they are combined with absolutely all T-shirts and shirts, sneakers, moccasins, classic shoes from Bershka. You can safely combine them with jackets without fear of making a mistake. Denim and cotton options are equally popular.

5. Knitted jumpers

Whatever the season is in the yard, jumpers remain relevant – summer and winter. These can be monochrome models in pastel colors or things with a geometric pattern from Bershka. For example, products in multi-colored stripes of different widths. Especially cool, such things fit into the outfit in the style of casual and smart-casual.

Stock up on knitted jumpers from Bershka for spring and summer. They go well with any jeans and trousers, and in summer – with shorts.

Separately, pay attention to the variations on the theme of the vest. This is a fashion hit of the current season, which is successfully implemented in the field of T-shirts, shirts and sweaters.

There are many variations on the theme of men’s trends and we will gradually reveal them in subsequent articles.