This season, the ideas in the Gant collection have expanded significantly. Along with this, the cut of trousers, which until now were popular in a narrowed version, has also been updated. As for the print, one of the most relevant is the strip. In this spring-summer season, every man can wear such trousers not with a shirt and tie, but with a T-shirt or T-shirt. Here, as you can see, a small restoration of the distant 90s continues. Consider the main trends to form a relevant wardrobe.


The main types of cut:

  • wide pants;
  • Cuban collars;
  • sports retro clothes.

Recently, we have all become accustomed to the popular men’s slim fit trousers. However, this season, Gant offers this option to shelve away. It’s time to buy new things to create a fashionable look. If you look at the photos of famous designers and fashion designers, you can draw conclusions regarding the correct combination of clothes. The simplest and most accurate combination with these trousers will be a denim top and sneakers.

If last year we could not even think about Cuban collars, then today it is one of the main trends. They can be on your shirts, T-shirts, outerwear. And Gant notes: such an image will look very stylish. Designers believe that this style will take root with us for several years. The most popular will be summer or spring linen shirts with an unfolded, so-called Cuban collar.

This season, courage must come first in creating an image. In this case, the image should be clear and bright. The Gant collection contains all possible options:

  • vertical stripes;
  • cell;
  • velvet fabrics;
  • bright colors;
  • utilitarian style;
  • hats;
  • massive boots, etc.

Summer promises to be hot not only in terms of weather, but also in terms of men’s fashion. This year provides for the image of a strong and courageous person who improves and develops. To get a special charm and style, consider the fashionable novelties from Gant. As we have said, skinny pants are leaving the arena of fame and wide ones are coming in their place. These pants will be in both spring and summer versions. They go well with jackets, t-shirts, jumpers.

Men’s summer jackets have also undergone significant changes. The sleeves will become shorter, namely three quarters. Both jackets and other men’s clothing will become very popular in a striped or plaid version. The color scheme can be completely different, however, restraint and elegance are still in the first place. Velvet and suede will replace ordinary fabrics.

Also, Gant focuses on the accessories that are presented in the model range. Hats, this season, will receive almost the most important status among headwear. Bright details on jackets or outerwear – ties, scarves and scarves – will only decorate your look. Boots decorated with zippers and studs, sandals will create a rougher style. Thus, courage is above all.

Gant, first of all, focuses on what suits a person. Fashion, in most cases, is a guideline. For example, skinny jeans and a shirt with a Cuban collar can be great. Often there are cases when certain people do not go one way or another. Therefore, for each type, you need to choose your own style.