Teeth are the visiting card of a person. If they look bad, then this indicates a similar state of health of the person himself. First, the oral cavity shows a predisposition to the disease of diabetes. This is a significant factor that the endocrine system does not fully release dopamine and endorphin. A person is constantly in a stressful state and the nervous system begins to expend the physiological reserve of the body.

First, calcium begins to be consumed, which is a building material for bones and teeth in particular. Therefore, one of the types of prevention, especially in summer, is the intake of calcium along with vitamin D3, which allows the most efficient absorption of Ca. One of the main factors in the formation of dental caries is the consumption of glucose in unlimited quantities. That is, cakes, pastries, chocolates and various sugar-containing products destroy the enamel and lead to very serious consequences.

How to keep your teeth in good condition?

First, you need to rinse your teeth with a special mouthwash after each meal. It helps to restore the acid-base balance and prevents the formation of cracks in the enamel. Try to avoid eating hot and cold food at the same time. The fact is that due to the temperature difference, the surface of the enamel begins to crack. And if there are cracks, then the likelihood of tooth decay increases significantly. Food and drinks should be the same temperature – either cold or hot. In any case, it is necessary that five to seven minutes pass after the first courses, so that the cavity adapts to lower temperatures. No need to immediately drink cold beer, compote, champagne or lemonade. And vice versa – if it is a cold snack, then you should not immediately drink hot tea or coffee. It is desirable that all food be of medium temperature.

Naturally, you need to properly care for the oral cavity. Brush your teeth twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. But there are subtleties and nuances that need to be taken into account. For example, don’t press too hard on your toothbrush while brushing. Enamel and gums can be damaged, which can directly lead to infection. Also, you need to remember about the proper storage of devices for oral care: they must be in special cases. At the very least, brushes should be washed and disinfected every day. They accumulate quite a lot of microorganisms. We must not forget that it is necessary to clean the tongue, on the surface of which many pathogenic bacteria accumulate. You need to change your toothbrush and toothpaste regularly. If the first becomes unusable over time, then the second loses its effectiveness due to the body’s addiction.

It is mandatory to use a specialized thread that fits well into the micro-joints between the teeth. In no case should you use wooden toothpicks, which spoil the enamel very much just between the teeth, which leads to the active development of caries.

Also, you need to visit a family dentist once every six months, who will give recommendations on oral care that are suitable specifically for you!