Nowadays, not only adults want to look stylish, but also teenagers, because fashionable clothes allow you to stand out among your peers. At this age, clothing plays an important role in shaping personality and building relationships with others. The Stradivarius online store has collected an overview of the current trends in teenage fashion and ideas from a psychological point of view. How to choose an actual bow for a teenager 12, 13, 14 years old. How to teach him, or her, how to dress properly.

How To Implement This?

It is no secret that adolescence is maximalism, uncompromisingness and the eternal conflict of fathers and children. But each generation has its own truth and its own unique style. It must be taken into account. First of all, parents should remember themselves in their youth. What did they want? How they protested and expressed their position. On the one hand, strict discipline is needed, otherwise the teenager will be uncontrollable. On the other hand, the possibility of self-expression. Otherwise, the human psyche will not develop properly. And education will not help here. Unlike a personal example. Yes, taste is instilled in children by their parents. As, however, and everything else.

Well-chosen clothes say a lot about a person. Moreover, the appearance forms an attitude towards the individual on a subconscious level. She emphasizes all his virtues and, over time, corrects his shortcomings. For example, for a fat person, it is best to buy tight clothes. This triggers thought, emotion and desire for conformity. In turn, such a reaction generates a neural circuit for the realization of the desired.

According to statistics, people with a developed taste in clothes are 75% less likely to suffer from obesity and diabetes. Also, it affects the cognitive abilities of the child.

The Stradivarius online store encourages teenagers to buy not just good things, but to let them choose for themselves. When a person from an early age is interested in his appearance, he will invariably adhere to internal hygiene. For it to be organic, parents need to look good too. Otherwise, you can say whatever you want, but the opposite behavior brings chaos to the behavior of a teenager.

Now let’s turn to this year’s trends. First of all, it’s the same clothes. For example, a white suit with red stripes for mom and daughter. It is very psychologically close. Provides a sense of belonging and emotional

identity. There is another option. This is an addition. Example: yellow top – black bottom for the father and black top – yellow bottom for the teenager. This can be done in sportswear. That is, the “do as I do” method is the most relevant in raising children. Similar things can be bought in the Stradivarius online store.

Also, there is another good move: allow yourself to dress like your son or daughter. It does not need to be practiced often, as age imposes its limitations. But sometimes it’s good to show that the same child lives in you. Moreover, understanding your children is getting into the top ten. In the Stradivarius online store, you can find similar clothes for a teenager and his parents.

In the next article from Stradivarius, we will analyze the colors and shades that best shape the personality.