Country is a style of clothing, the characteristic features of which are convenience, lightness and practicality. The peak of the popularity of the manner of dressing, which came from the Wild West, came in the 1970s. Despite the direct meaning of the word (village), it is difficult to call the style folklore. However, even today it remains very popular. It was from him that the Oversize style came out. By the way, to buy clothes to create a Country or Oversize wardrobe, follow the fixed link to the Scapino website. And we are starting. Let’s go!

Country Style History

Country clothing has its roots in the 19th century. It was created by immigrants who arrived in America. Among them were numerous adventurers, as well as refugees hiding from the authorities. Both categories of people needed practical and non-restricting clothing, so leather, jeans and plaid fabrics were used for tailoring wardrobe items. All materials were distinguished by increased wear resistance, stains on them were almost invisible.

The robes of the settlers were later borrowed by farmers who were also looking for comfortable things. They complemented the image with high boots with spurs, into which trousers were tucked. Thanks to this, the pants did not get dirty, and the dirt did not get into the shoes.

Women of the Wild West preferred layered skirts and dresses made of cotton or chintz. Instead of boots with spurs, they wore lace-up boots (sandals in summer). Straw hats wrapped in a ribbon in the color of the main elements of clothing were considered an integral part of the women’s wardrobe.

In the modern fashion industry, the rustic style of attire came only in 1970. Then the country things were used to create images for fashion shows. A landmark event for the style was the 2009 show. Since then, Country elements began to actively fit into collections of various directions. And to buy clothes in this style, follow the fixed link to the Scapino online store.

Features of Country Clothing Today

Country is simplicity and minimalism. Clothing suits every lover of adventure, freedom and romance. In rural things, several directions have merged at once:

European (fluffy skirts, lace, wide blouses);

Cowboy (hats, high coarse shoes, checkered top);

Indian (beaded jewelry, amulets, ponchos).

The modern rustic style has been nicknamed Bohemian country. A dress of this style is the best suited for a casual look. It harmoniously fits into the wardrobe of any woman.

All country things are made of materials of classic, natural colors. The clothes of the Wild West are characterized by a combination of blue and brown, which personifies the unity of heaven and earth. The print on the material is varied: from small flowers to cells and other geometric patterns. Mostly natural fabrics are used.

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Characteristics of Wardrobe Items

Dresses are considered the main female attribute in Country style. As a rule, they are sewn from materials of warm shades. Such things differ in layering, light natural fabric and a deep neckline and bare shoulders (applies to summer models). Country – these are dresses of various lengths. They can be complemented with lace, leather belt and hand-made accessories. The dress looks romantic and even sexy.

Blouses and country shirts are worn mainly for release. Their distinguishing feature is wide sleeves and a loose fit. The rustic style top is great for girls who like to feel confident and free.

Classic country shoes are high boots with small square heels and a chopped toe. In the summer, they are replaced by sandals and sandals in natural shades (mainly with a tie).

Country style does not welcome numerous decorations. The main element of accessories is a wide hat and a scarf around the neck. It is almost impossible to imagine a full-fledged image without them. Often complemented by leather belts and small bags.

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Imaging Rules

When combining country elements and creating an appropriate image, the main thing to remember is that this style dislikes glamour and pretentiousness. It expresses practicality, gives comfort, a sense of freedom. To look harmoniously against the background of others, it is enough to choose a few “rustic” elements. You don’t have to wear a full dress. Some of the best everyday options include:

Ripped jeans, wide white blouse, hat;

Short denim jacket, light dress, suede boots;

Classic jeans, plaid poncho, fringed boots.

Natural accessories (made of wood, silver, stone) will complement the outfit. Massive amulet pendants, thin leather bracelets on the hand or a scarf around the neck – the choice of jewelry depends on the specific image and the reason for its creation.

Country style is not just beautiful and fashionable, but also natural. This makes it even more attractive. And to be always in trend, buy the most fashionable clothes on the Scapino website.