Have you ever been in a tree house in a pine forest or on the edge of a forest? Birds sing there during the day, and nightingale trills are heard at night. And the air is as if pure and velvety wine spills with a honey flavour inside. So you can describe the style of “Country”.

What Is Country Style?

Furniture in this style is characterized by exquisite simplicity, convenience, wear resistance and durability. But, in apparent simplicity, there are nuances that need to be taken into account. For example, hard, medium-hard, extra-hard woods are best suited for making a set in the bedroom, living room or kitchen.

This style originates in the middle of the 20th century. Thanks to Scandinavian designers who began to actively introduce natural, environmentally friendly materials in interior design for homes. This kind of decoration is very popular in the countries of Northern and Western Europe. They also love this direction in the USA, where people prefer to settle on the outskirts of cities, in private homes. No wonder “Country” is translated as rural. There are many varieties and directions of this style: Scandinavian, English, American, Russian and Swiss.

It is especially appreciated in those areas of the planet where a lot of snow falls, since it is he who is associated with the Christmas holidays.

An unforgettable feeling when you sit in an armchair near the fireplace with a book and sip warm mulled wine, and outside the window it is snowing, or a blizzard is sweeping, but your heart is warm and cosy. These are memories of a happy childhood, where winter was sometimes magic and fulfilment of the most secret desires. And the family gathered at a common festive table. And then, when the night lights were lit, everyone went out to fire salutes and look at the night sky, expecting bright flashes of fireworks.

Nevertheless, “Country” does not tolerate half measures and compromises. If the kitchen set was conceived in this style, then everything must meet high quality standards! Basically, all furniture is made of solid wood and treated with appropriate compounds. Before this, the wood is dried to the required moisture content inside the fibres. After finishing the premises, measurements are taken according to the established standard of the design project. After that, the headset is made from one to two calendar months. Depending on the complexity, the terms may be slightly increased. Further, for atmospheric, use in the decor, for example, natural stone slabs. Some people make life-size stoves, fitting them into sleeping quarters. There are also projects where the kitchen is combined with the living-dining room. In this interior, both a fireplace and a kitchen with a stove for an old stove can be realized.

“Country” is the way of home furnishing as close to nature as possible. And the house is often built of wood and stone. If you do everything right: grow and process wood correctly, then your furniture will last not just years, but decades. However, it will not require replacement.

“Country” is a style that Scandinavian designers began to introduce in the middle of the 20th century. It not only took root, but became an integral part in the design of houses, furniture design.