In modern haute cuisine, you can not do without spices. One of the most significant that came from the east is coriander. Its greens are known as cilantro, which is used in the preparation of soups, meat dishes, and so on. Naturally, coriander is also used in perfumery, especially in oriental niche fragrances. Also, coriander is an excellent remedy that is also used in medicine against gum disease.

Let’s Talk About The History

The eastern Mediterranean is considered the homeland of this wonderful herb from the umbrella family. It was known to the ancient Egyptians, who not only used it as a medicine and seasoning, but also used it as part of an embalming substance for mummies. In some burial traditions of rulers and leaders, the use of honey and coriander was popular. The seeds of this plant were believed to help maintain body structure and resist decay. Particles of grass were also found in the composition of the substance with which the body of Tamerlane was impregnated when his tomb was opened.

The ancient Greeks and Romans, who adopted much from the culture of the Hellenes, called the plant “bugbear” because of the specific smell of the stem. Another name for coriander is anise.

If we turn to the Old Testament, we will see a very interesting description of manna from heaven. So, in the Book of Moses it is said that the Lord sent a blessing to the sons of Israel, and she was “like white coriander seed, the taste is like a cake with honey.”

Coriander was known in India and China, where it was also used as a spice and medicine. And in Europe, it was popularized by Rome, which actively carried out wars of conquest throughout the territory from Africa and Asia to the borders of modern Russia.

In the Middle Ages, this spice was imported from the countries of the Persian Gulf, India and China. It was there that they knew how to properly grow and process coriander for various purposes. By the way, this was also due to the fact that it was in the Middle East, Western and Central Asia that, thanks to Byzantium, the works of Greek philosophers and scientists were preserved.

Coriander is also mentioned in the collection of fairy tales by Shahirizada “A Thousand and One Nights” as a remedy that restores male power and gives pleasure to couples in love.

What are its healing properties?

First, coriander enhances the work of the liver with lethargy and congestion in it, improves appetite. Along with turmeric, coriander can be used to treat acute hepatitis.

The spice is also used for prophylactic cleansing of the kidneys. Cilantro and coriander, due to their mild diuretic action, are used in the treatment of oedema, relieves inflammation in cystitis, painful urination, inflammation of the kidneys, bladder and gallbladder, and helps to remove stones.

Coriander seeds are chewed to get rid of bad breath. Reduce the effects of alcohol when added to alcoholic beverages. In Ethiopia and India, coriander is often used for stomach pain by boiling ground coriander. In India, coriander tea is the cheapest and most common remedy for excess or spillage of bile. Coriander, as a spice in food as well as in drinks, has a cooling effect on the body.

Coriander is an excellent tool both for the prevention of diseases and for the preparation of various dishes.