In a women’s wardrobe, a handbag is not only a practical and necessary thing, but also a beloved accessory, without which, in fact, it is almost impossible to do. In addition, with the help of a fashionable handbag, you can add a “zest” to any look. Therefore, every girl certainly has such a detail, and probably not even one. By the way, this bow part can be purchased on the Everything 5 Pounds website. Follow the pinned link!

What is Clutch?

One of the most popular models today is the clutch. The history of this handbag, whose name in English means “to clasp”, dates back to the 16th century. Then the clutch was exclusively an evening accessory, in which, mainly, only money and a small pocket mirror were placed.

Today, such a small handbag, so to speak, is much more functional than our predecessors. The styles are so diverse that you can pick up a clutch for almost any style of clothing. And it doesn’t have to be an evening dress. The purpose of this accessory has also changed a bit and now clutches are worn even during the day along with trousers, jeans, shorts and other things.

A modern women’s clutch bag can be either very small or more spacious, in the form of an envelope, box, tube, small bag or rectangle with a special caster for carrying.

Let’s figure out how to choose the right and what to wear a clutch to be in trend. By the way, this kind of accessories can be purchased on the Everything 5 Pounds website. Follow the pinned link!

What Can Be Worn With Different Models Of Clutches?

Why do you need a clutch? With what clothes and for what occasion will you take it with you? What size do you need and what are you going to wear in it? All these nuances are important, because it depends on them which handbag will suit you the most.

For everyday use, business style and cocktail dresses, a classic leather clutch is suitable. This is a versatile option that goes well with different things. Such models also go well with outerwear: coats, trench coats, fur jackets.

A patent leather clutch should only be worn with items that match the same style. The ideal option is a black dress, stilettos and a patent leather clutch.

Textile, depending on the material, can complement both evening and everyday looks. They come in satin, velveteen or velvet. As a decor – bows, buckles, rhinestones, pleats and draperies. An ideal choice for the evening can be a satin handbag, decorated with rhinestones. And for a meeting in a cafe or a walk, a corduroy clutch of a strict form is perfect.

Designer clutches are worth special attention. They come in a wide variety of unusual shapes. Today you can see handbags in the form of books, chests, caskets, animal figurines, sea shells and so on. Such an accessory is the main detail of the image and instantly attracts attention.

How To Wear A Clutch?

Not everyone knows how to wear a clutch correctly, so they hesitate to get this stylish accessory. In fact, learning how to properly combine a wardrobe with a clutch is not at all difficult. The following guidelines will help you figure out the intricacies.

Despite the fact that a clutch is allowed to be worn with almost any style of clothing, there is one taboo – sporty style.

In some cases, it is important to support the clutch with some other accessory. For example, it can be a belt of the same color or shoes with the same decor.

If your outfit has a complex cut or a large number of decorative elements, then the clutch should be more restrained. And vice versa.

Traditionally, a clutch is worn in the hand, but this is not a mandatory rule. Many handbags have a chain or strap so they can be worn on the shoulder or bent arm. Large bags are sometimes worn under the arm.

The clutch is not designed to carry a lot of different things in it. Put only the essentials in it: money, keys, phone, cosmetics. A bag stuffed to the top will look out of place.

Models with rich decor are not appropriate in everyday life, only at special occasions.

The handbag should correspond in size to the build of its owner. So, for girls of short stature, miniature clutches are suitable, and for tall women with curvaceous forms, it is recommended to choose bags of slightly larger sizes.

In general, you can talk for a very long time about what and how to wear clutches. What types are there. But it’s better to go to the Everything 5 Pounds website and choose what you need!