Each of us dreams of finding a brand of shoes that will not rub, fall off and will be worn for a long time. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Clarks brand. This shoe has just that. Moreover, it has its own traditions and history. In this article

A Little Background

Newton Clark, a representative of the new generation of a famous family, while serving in the army, noticed comfortable and unusual shoes with thin soles made of suede on the feet of some colleagues. The shoes were bought at the Cairo Bazaar and looked very unusual for those times.

Interested in this model and seeing a great future behind it, Newton suggested that the family put it into production, but did not receive approval. Deciding to follow his dream, he went to Chicago for a trade show, offering a limited run of these thin-soled boots as his own merchandise. America took the innovation enthusiastically, and the distribution of these shoes around the world was only a matter of time.

Paris, the fashion capital of the world, after a short time already enthusiastically praised unusual shoes, so in 1949 the world learned about Clarks Desert Boots.

Various subcultures have become her fans, from gangsters to followers of a fashionable extravagant clothing style.

In Jamaica, the police could arrest a person wearing such shoes. It was believed that only fans of the gangster movement “rudboy” wear it. Nevertheless, it is popular among fans, for example, military style or the same casual. Plus and the main distinguishing feature of shoes from Clarks is versatility.

Features And Advantages Of Shoes

At the initial stage of the brand’s development, only male models were presented in it. Today you can buy Clarks shoes, which are represented by 3 lines:

  • male;
  • female;
  • children’s shoes.

The collection is periodically updated with new modern models. What is the key to the popularity of Clarks shoes among buyers of different ages? The secret lies in the advantages inherent in the models.

Here is what I would like to pay attention to:

1. Using high quality material. Basically, to create different models of shoes, the manufacturer prefers soft natural leather or suede. In this case, all models differ not only in their attractive appearance, but also in their long wear life.

2. Modern design. Whether boots, sandals or slippers, each shoe has a stylish design that brings British style with a modern twist.

3. High quality insoles. They have a shock-absorbing design, which makes it possible to restore the natural position of the foot during movement. Thanks to this, the wearer feels comfortable, even during long walks. The material used by the manufacturer to create the insoles is also important. It keeps you warm and dry in any weather.

4. Detailed dimensional grid. It allows you to choose shoes for a wide or narrow foot, high or low instep. This became possible due to the use of sizes with halves in the dimensional grid. These and other benefits of Clarks shoes have made them popular with shoppers for over two centuries.

You can talk a lot about the merits of Clarks shoes, but it’s better to see once. Follow the link to the Clarks website and order the best shoes!