One of the most common types of recreation is with the family in nature. Also, it can be a picnic in the garden near the house. Some people dislike to travel far and prefer to arrange everything on the territory of their home. 

For example, make a stationary tandoor or barbecue, where you can fry a kebab and bake meat. In some cases, they make a combined version – a stove with a barbecue. In this option, it is very convenient to cook, for example, pilaf. But to make everything as comfortable and convenient as possible, gazebos are built under the shade of trees or special areas are equipped for relaxing after a meal in the summer. In other words, when it’s hot, people like to have breakfast, lunch and dinner outside, and then relax there. Some even install beds in gazebos. Let’s choose the best furniture with Wilko!

What Do You Need To Arrange The Garden?

First, a clear understanding of the organization of space. It is excellent when there are fruit or coniferous trees that cover the intended recreation area from the direct rays of the sun. But if you have open space, then it does not matter either. A special open pavilion is being built with utility rooms on the sides, an oven running in the middle of the table and a surface for preparing a variety of food. Presumably, the table may be wooden, with metal wide inserts heated by the fire of the stove for frying steaks and a stone base for kindling the fire. The wooden surface is treated with oil-wax and special compounds that prevent the reproduction of parasites and deformation. Naturally, all technological processes of drying and standing wood must be observed. Moisture inside should not exceed more than 27.5%. If wooden furniture has not undergone special preparation and processing, then you may encounter the fact that cracks will appear on the surface when dried, which lead to the destruction of the texture of the furniture.

Naturally, there are types of chairs and armchairs that are ordered specifically for relaxing in such a pavilion, like you can find at Wilko. Foremost, these are chairs along the table with the stove itself (they can be made of wood or other durable material that won’t be destroyed in an aggressive environment). By the way, some people make the design of the table round, with a rotating surface, so that it is more convenient to cook and, at the same time, communicate.

Next, dependably, you need to install a swing chair and a rocking chair. This allows not only to organize a more rational space, but also to designate zones of interest. If the first has a metal base, then the second can be made of rattan or light but durable wood. The safety of children must be considered. Usually, garden furniture comes with rounded corners. This minimizes the risk of an accidental fall.

Also, some homeowners like to install special tea and coffee tables on the veranda. They are very convenient because they do not take up much space. Often, they are not very tall, and they do not take up much space. They also buy special rattan and straw chairs. You can also check for such furniture at Wilko.

This is an exceptional feeling of peace and comfort. When the sun sets below the horizon and a light breeze blows from the sea. Hot tea or coffee warms, and a blanket is thrown over the shoulders.

The best thing in life is creating space around you with Wilko!