An evening dress in the wardrobe of every girl or woman occupies a special place. His choice is approached carefully and carefully. Do you agree? And this is the best decision. Because at any celebration, party, corporate event or just a romantic meeting in a restaurant, a girl should not only look wonderful, but also amaze everyone with her evening dress. Let’s take a look at the popular models that are presented in the Ever Pretty collection.

How To Choose A Dress?

Foremost, it is worth noting that the choice of outfit depends on the internal state. It is from him that you need to repel. Of course, you can straighten it by putting on a thing that you really like. But the context factor must also be taken into account. And so, the dress must necessarily emphasize the merits and hide the flaws. The festive mood depends on it.

What styles are there in the Ever Pretty line? There are many of them. They were developed with trepidation and considering the nuances of the female body – the features of the figure, bust and leg length.

Types of dresses:

Mermaid. Stunning style, but suitable for owners of a wasp waist or those close to it. The fitted cut perfectly emphasizes the beautiful female lines of the figure. An outstanding touch is a fluffy skirt. Noble traits of the female ideal. An off-the-shoulder dress shows off the neck and shoulders quite effectively.

A tight-fitting bust and a fluffy, long, exciting skirt are the hallmarks of a ball gown. A dress with a multi-layered skirt or a model with decorative elements on it – it all depends on the wishes of the owner of the evening dress herself. A ball gown with crinoline looks gorgeous and harmonious (crinoline is a skirt on a frame). Her splendor captivates everyone. This model is chosen for a wedding or as an outfit for a bridesmaid. This evening dress will be appropriate at a social event or a formal business reception.

A-silhouette. A style that many girls can afford, regardless of the type of figure. A classic that satisfies the needs and whims of everyone universally. And short women always look slimmer. The elegance and sophistication of their natural forms will be emphasized by slender beauties. A special surprise Ever Pretty makes full of the fair sex. Due to the smooth transition from shoulders to hips, extra pounds visually disappear.

Empire style dress. Empire – translated from French – imperial. But its roots go back to Ancient Greece. The outfit attracts attention with a light drapery in the chest and skirt. Folds will help remove minor figure defects, including excessive fullness. To visually add a few centimeters of height will help a dress to the floor. It looks feminine and elegant. Perfect for any party or celebration.

Correctly selected dress highlight all the advantages and hide miserable nuances no one should know about. Ever Pretty will help you find the right model!