Are you already tired of classic or casual wearing and wish to try something new? Do you feel like wearing not only beautiful, but also comfortable and practical clothes? Why don’t you pay attention to the new trend – cargo?

At the very beginning, this style was a part of military uniform, but after a while common people decided that it’s quite comfortable and good-looking. Later, women started wearing such clothes elements too. Clinging trousers with more than 8 outer pockets – sexual, rough and hot!

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What Does Cargo Mean?

Cargo Style takes its name from the word “cargo”. What do we need to carry much cargo? Of course, pockets! This type of clothes expects many big outer pockets, something between military and hiking wear. By the way, each pocket has its mission and purpose. Designers add special pockets of different sizes for everything we may carry during the day. From headphones to laptops. Sometimes, this element is even a part of a huge system, making it easier to manage everything we use.

The iconic part of cargo style – pants. They can look military, casual or even cocktail, as pockets may be designed in various ways. What about fabrics and materials? Surely, the first variants of classic cargo style were rough and military-like. Now we can see girlish and tender trousers made from cotton and silk. 

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Only Pants? No!

The main symbol of this style is cargo pants with huge outer pockets for various stuff. Anyway, fashion trends and designers went farther and created dozens of collections, where not only bottom clothes, but also tops and coats include these elements. Even a swimsuit may look cool and match cargo style features!

By the way, winter and autumn coats can be upgraded with pockets too. They don’t get over volume, but become more practical and comfortable for daily life, as you can take everything you need with you. From small wallet and headphones, to laptop and bottles with water. No need to take a backpack or bag, as you can just organize pockets. We all know, that everything that appears in a bag can be found in a minute without many endeavours. All stuff is mixed together. There will be no such cases while wearing cargo clothes. The only thing you need to do – to remember the role and purpose of every pocket!

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