When choosing a hotel, travelers always pay attention not only to its unusualness, but also to the number of stars it has. They usually indicate the level of service provided. Tourists who have visited many countries of the world notice that hotels with the same number of stars do not always provide services of an equal level. In this article, together with Louvre Hotels, we will analyze in detail why hotels and hotels are given stars. Well, let’s not waste time, let’s go!

Why Hotels Get Stars

Few people know that there is no single system in the world that determines the order in which stars are assigned. As a basis, when developing internal standards for the provision of services, the criteria for assessing the star rating of the World Tourism Organization are taken. Among the mandatory criteria for evaluating a hotel:

  • the level of security of accommodation of guests and the safety of their belongings; 
  • the possibility of providing first aid;
  • compliance with the requirements of sanitation and hygiene standards.

Hotels are rated on a scale from 0 to 5 stars. The highest standards of customer service are set in Europe. Not in all countries of the world the level of hotel service is indicated by the usual stars. In Thailand, Latin letters are used in the classification:

2* – B; 3*-M; 4* – S; 5* – F.

A similar system for determining the class of a hotel exists in Greece, but different letters are used there:

2* – C; 3* – B; 4* – A; 5* – L, DL.

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What Do The Stars Mean?

The star assigned to the hotel indicates what list of services they will be provided with.


This category includes guest houses, hostels or mini hotels that provide a limited list of services. This category is the easiest to get. Mandatory requirements are imposed on such institutions: the presence of a sign on the building; availability of emergency lighting and cold water. When settling in such a hotel, a person should know that it may not have hot water, heating and ventilation. The norm of the area of ​​a single room in hotels without a star is 9 square meters. m., double – 12 sq.m. These rules do not apply to hostels. They set the norm of the area for 1 bed. It is 4 sq.m. From the top back of the bunk bed to the ceiling should not be less than 75 cm.


The category includes budget hotels arranged like hostels. Toilets and showers are located on the floor. Linen is changed at least once a day. The percentage of single and double rooms in such hotels does not exceed 25% of the total housing stock. These rooms have bathrooms with washbasins and showers. Fans should be installed in all living rooms during the hot season. Louvre Hotels Group includes hotels from 1 star. Go to the site via the fixed link!


The category of 2 * hotels includes hotels with a minimum set of services necessary for a comfortable stay. The rooms of the 2* hotels are equipped with a TV and air conditioning, they have a shower and a toilet. Towels are changed every day, and bed linen is changed every 4 days. To receive a 2 *, hotel housing stock must consist of half of single and double rooms. Such hotels should have their own cafés or restaurants. Louvre Hotels Group manages hotels with 2 stars. Go to the site via the fixed link!


Hotels of this category provide guests in the rooms with everything that is in 2 * hotels, plus a refrigerator, mini bar, hairdryer and iron on request at the reception. In the bathroom, you can find 3 towels for 1 person. They are changed along with bed linen every day. The rooms should have internal and landline telephones. Louvre Hotels Group manages 3-star hotels. Go to the website via the attached link! There you can find all the necessary information.


Rooms in 4* hotels have a minimum area of ​​14 sq.m. Bathrooms are equipped with soap, shampoo, gels, combs and razors. Towels and bed linen are changed every day. In addition to cafés and restaurants, hotels have spa centers, swimming pools, parking lots and a gym. Louvre Hotels Group manages 4-star hotels. Naturally, they are of the highest level. Follow the link to the company’s website. Here you can find all the conditions of investment!


Hotels of this category have the most spacious rooms, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Room service is available around the clock. Such hotels must have at least 4 restaurants with different cuisines. Guests of 5 * hotels can be provided with a free transfer, unlimited access to the water park. A mandatory service is the provision of free Wi-Fi in the rooms. The Louvre Hotels Group manages some of the finest 5-star hotels. Go to the site to get acquainted with the information on investing in promising projects!