A properly composed bouquet of wild flowers is a real art. Such a gift will satisfy the taste of the most demanding woman. At the same time, the combination in which the combination of colours is selected must correspond to such concepts as harmony, measure, taste, individuality. There are certain rules that you need to know in order to compose a beautiful composition. Therefore, without being a professional in the field of floristic design, of course, the wisest decision would be to seek the help of such a specialist.

In addition to knowledge of the basics of floristic design, the florist will offer options for decorating a bouquet of fresh flowers with such materials and so technically complex that it is simply impossible to perform it on your own in normal home conditions and without sufficient experience. Florists use various materials in their work: nets of unusual colours, bizarre combinations of dried cereals such as rye, wheat, oats or feather grass.

In this case, various inserts made of special materials are used, which are quite difficult to get. But most importantly, work is being done on the combination of colour and the proportion of the symmetry of the transition for visual modelling of the composition.

How to give a bouquet?

First, in order to do something pleasant for a close and dear person, one does not need to wait for an opportunity or an invited celebration. It is a random bouquet of fresh flowers that has the greatest value. The main thing is the secret of any bouquet – your sincerity, which will find its way to the heart of the one to whom the flowers are intended.

The next important point: the time during which your bouquet will be preserved. Naturally, you are interested in the fact that the bouquet stood for as long as possible. So, you need to take into account the lifetime of each component of the bouquet. That is, pick up a bouquet in such a way that individual flowers of different types have approximately the same shelf life after cutting. Otherwise, some flowers will hopelessly wither, while others have far from exhausted their potential. For example, the royal lily suppresses the more delicate and fragile cornflowers, poppies and daisies, and the rose almost all the flowers in the bouquet. The same applies to daffodils, lilies of the valley, tubular lilies and carnations. A sprig of arborvitae or geraniums will increase the lifespan of any cut flowers. Therefore, it is important not only to give flowers, but also to choose the right combination of them. They should complement and underline each other.

The reason for the withering of cut flowers in a vase is dehydration, which occurs due to a decrease in the concentration of sugars in plant tissues and blockage of blood vessels by air bubbles. Therefore, the end of the flower must be carefully cut with a sharp knife and diagonally, and after being placed in a vessel with water, do not remove them from there any more.