It is customary to give flowers on a birthday. You need to choose a present individually, taking into account the gender, age and preferences of the birthday person. For a relative, colleague and leader, calm tones are suitable. In this case, preference is given to universal compositions. For a women’s bouquet, the tastes of the birthday girl become a guideline. They look in advance at what colors in clothes and plants in the decor of the house she likes. All variants of gift bouquets can be bought in the MoonpiG online store.

How To Decipher The Language Of Flowers?

It is the bouquet that will help to express secret feelings for the birthday man. But for this it is important to know the symbolism of flowers. Therefore, the MoonpiG online store made a selection of accepted signs of attention:

  • You can buy roses both in a bouquet and one. This is a sign of love, and the right shade will express the details of the message. White is considered a symbol of purity and shows care and respect. Pink speaks of tenderness and friendship. Red – a manifestation of passion and desire. Yellow – bright as the sun, admires the optimism of the birthday man. Burgundy is grace and elegance.
  • Chamomile will be a wonderful gift for a young girl. It is a symbol of romance and youth.
  • Lily is perfect for the hero of the day.
  • The chrysanthemum is truly a royal flower that expresses reverence. It is rich in colors, which allows you to give it to both women and men.

You can buy festive bouquets with the appropriate symbols in the MoonpiG online store.

How To Choose A Bouquet?

The MoonpiG online store has a varied selection. But the hero of the occasion is entitled to compositions to match, pleasing and expressing attitude.

Close – a large bouquet, showing the size of the significance of a person for congratulating. Ordering flowers for friends is not a very troublesome business, a small bouquet will be enough.

The composition of the flower arrangement in the MoonpiG online store is chosen individually:

  • On mom’s birthday, a bouquet will be an expression of love and gratitude. Delicate flowers are appropriate – eustoma, tulips, alstroemerias.
  • For young girls – white daisies, light chrysanthemums, cream gerberas.
  • Beloved woman – a red or burgundy rose.
  • For men, experts recommend irises, carnations and callas.

Florists adhere to an unspoken rule: if there are more than 11 flowers in the composition, then the number does not matter. Yes, and 101 luxurious roses are considered a wonderful gift.

A small bouquet of three flowers is suitable for expressing elementary attention. Five – they will hint to the girl about the desire to start a relationship, and seven flowers in the bouquet will indicate sympathy. Nine – speak of tender feelings. Eleven – symbolize devotion and fidelity. For weddings and anniversaries, they give a bouquet of thirteen roses or more, depending on finances. However, any holiday bouquet can be ordered on the MoonpiG website. It will be beautiful, presentable and pleasant to the hero of the occasion.

It is easy and pleasant to give a bouquet, chosen from the heart. It will always please a loved one on his main holiday. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding.

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