It’s time to get acquainted with the beach fashion for the summer of 2022 and update your wardrobe in accordance with current trends. The stylists are well-prepared for the new season, and we have studied from the recommendation and are ready to share with you! From today’s article, you will learn: what clothes and shoes should be worn on the beach to look stylish. And so, what accessories to pay attention to when compiling a summer outfit. Please note that the most trendy beach items can be bought in the Havaianas online store. And we are starting!

Knitted Tunics

These are the most fashionable clothes for walking by the sea in summer 2022. Needlewomen can create exclusive hand-knitted patterns for themselves, so they can look as original as possible on the beach. The rest will have to be content with what is presented on store shelves. However, do not despair, the choice is great: tunics in the form of dresses, capes, in a large and small hole, with ties, lacing and without. All this can be bought in the Havaianas online store.


In the summer wardrobe, there must be a place for a bright, beautiful, original suit. It can be a stylish tandem of shorts and tops, skirts and T-shirts, even trousers and bags. The main thing is that the clothes correspond to the place and time. That is, it was light, airy and not constraining movements. All this can be ordered in the Havaianas online store.


Loose, voluminous oversized shirts will also be an integral part of the beach outfit. Agree, because it is incredibly convenient, and also very attractive. In the daytime, it can be an excellent substitute for a tunic or pareo. Protect from the rays of the scorching sun. And in the evening, it is easy to turn into an element of a luxurious bow. Stylists recommend paying special attention to linen and cotton models of light shades, they perfectly let in air, reflect the sun’s rays and perfectly emphasize a beautiful tan. These shirts can be purchased from the Havaianas online store.


Simple, loose models with thin straps are what you need for the new season. Fashionistas can choose a model with bright and original colors. Or opt for a plain model in bright colors. Ruffles, mesh, lacing and other decor will be a great addition to light summer fashionable dresses. They can also be purchased from the Havaianas online store.

Maxi Length Tunics

Such beachwear is the novelty of the season. At the peak of popularity, voluminous models of maxi length. It can reach to the very ankles. This is an excellent option for hot weather. Give preference to bright and even colorful colors that will set you apart from the crowd of beach fashionistas. Similar clothing can be ordered from the Havaianas online store.


Coco Chanel herself was a huge fan of vests. With her light hand, this striped T-shirt was able to fit into fashionable female images. If a cool summer wind blows from the sea, it would be very appropriate to dress up in a striped vest. A contrasting stripe will also be appropriate on sundresses, tunics and other summer paraphernalia. It can also be ordered from the Havaianas online store.


Comfortable, practical and very stylish overalls are perfect for daytime and evening walks along the sea coast. Give preference to natural fabrics and free cut. The trend is jumpsuits with shorts and trousers, with straps and long sleeves. Summer lightweight overalls can be ordered from the Havaianas online store.

There is nothing better than the sea or the ocean. The most magical sunsets and sunrises can only be seen on the azure coast. And to be fully prepared for this celebration of life, order trendy summer clothes in the Havaianas online store.