Sports are not only active workouts in the gym, but also proper recovery. You can not load the body and not supply it with the necessary trace elements: proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and collagen. After some time of active training, without proper attention to sports nutrition, a period of stagnation sets in. But being too zealous in this field is also not very good.

If we continue the topic of sports nutrition and dwell specifically on BCAAs, then it is worth noting that this is an effective way to restore muscles after long and exhausting loads.

So what’s the use of:

  • BCAA enhances protein synthesis, while stimulating the production of insulin in the blood, which increases the rate of entry of amino acids into the blood.
  • Significantly slows down the process of catabolism in the body – the process of disintegration of the necessary substances into more simple ones. Inhibits the action of cortisol by the entry of leucine into the blood. Cortisol (stress hormone) contributes to the destruction of muscle fibres, while enhancing the process of gaining female-type weight in men.
  • BCAA supports sufficient release of testosterone and somatotrophin, provoking the process of anabolism. At the same time, serotonin, endorphin and dopamine are released – hormones of pleasure.
  • Significantly accelerates the regeneration and growth of muscles, through the replenishment of the necessary amino acids for the construction of protein – the basis of muscle fibres. During physical exertion, free amino acids are used by the body, and their required amount is not always present in food.
  • Promotes active burning of subcutaneous and vegetative fat deposits, stimulating the production of leptin, a hormone that regulates the metabolic process. This allows the body to create mitochondria, which send fatty acids directly to the cells. In this case, the entire life system receives additional energy for more intensive recovery at the expense of existing resources.

On a low-carbohydrate diet, BCAAs can be used as a resource to restore the required amount of energy. The loss of glycogen, which is important for the activity of the brain and the body as a whole, begins the consumption of amino acids. They begin to climb out of the muscles, which can lead to regression and a sharp decrease in efficiency. The main complex organic compounds that break down into more complex ones: proteins => amino acids, fats => glycerol and fatty acids, starch => glucosamine.

The intensity of the basic metabolism is not 1700 kcal per day for a man weighing 70 kilograms. A woman’s body uses 10% less than a man’s. With consistent training, regular intake of BCAAs helps speed up this process and reduce body fat to an acceptable level. Increases the process of anabolism, i.e., building the necessary compounds, while lowering the level of catabolism.

By the way, this is the main problem of people who want to tighten their shape and gain muscle mass. Their percentage of catabolism exceeds that of anabolism. And in order to force the body to build, it is necessary to establish the function of construction. BCAA help with this.