Royal Canin dog food has been in steady demand all over the world for over 50 years. This is one of the leading companies filling the market with quality dry and wet pet food. The composition includes over 50 ingredients of the highest quality – meat, fish, vegetables, vitamin supplements. In the production of Royal Canin dog food, advanced technologies of the food industry, the latest developments of veterinarians, biophysicists and biochemists are used.

Thanks to Royal Canin’s integrated approach, dog food has become a super-premium product and enjoys well-deserved love from both pets and their owners. By the way, all types of Royal Canin food can be bought at the Brekz online store.

Each type of food from the French manufacturer Royal Canin is formulated with exact proportions of nutrients and vitamins. They are necessary for a particular breed of dog. Royal Canin produces a variety of types for dogs, taking into account:

– breed specifics;

– age;

– weight and physique;

– degree of activity;

– General health and the presence of certain diseases.

Dry and wet pet food is produced by Royal Canin in a wide range. Each dog owner will be able to choose exactly the diet that his four-legged friend needs. All types of food for your pets for both dogs and cats can be ordered on the Brekz website.

Features of Royal Canin Food for Different Dogs

The main principle of the manufacturer Royal Canin is knowledge and respect. Knowledge of the needs and characteristics of pets and respect for each of them. The desire to make the diet of each animal healthy, natural and tasty. Royal Canin dry food is almost completely digestible, looks appetizing, has a great taste and aroma.

For example, wet is presented in smaller quantities, but is also popular. Especially relevant for owners of puppies and older dogs.

Food for puppies and adult dogs has received thousands of positive reviews from veterinarians and breeders around the world. After all, the manufacturer takes into account every little thing. Not only the composition has been adapted: even the size of the feed pellets is calculated. The size of the pieces varies depending on the breed of the dog: miniature, small, medium, large or extra large. It also takes into account such a moment as the oral hygiene of dogs, the ability to chew hard pieces.

Buying Royal Canin dog food for your pet in the Brekz online store means taking care of his health and a long, fulfilling life.

In addition to lines of food for dogs of a certain age, Royal Canin has developed menus for individual breeds. Such as: French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Chihuahuas and others.

Royal Canin Specialty Medicated Foods are independently tested and recommended by veterinarians. They are suitable for the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, chronic liver disease. Also, kidneys, urinary tract, indigestion, a tendency to allergies, skin diseases. There are also special formulations that contribute to the rapid recovery of puppies and adult dogs after illnesses and operations. Similar feeds can be purchased at the Brekz online store.

Royal Canin Puppy Rations

Babies under 1 year old need a specific menu enriched with easily digestible proteins, carbohydrates and calcium. However, not all carbohydrates are suitable for a puppy, and calcium must be in a special form. Especially for puppies and developed a series. It includes food for dogs during the period of gestation and lactation, for puppies of different ages and different breeds.

Food for very young and older puppies promotes harmonious growth. The correct formation of the skeleton and internal organs, and also gives strength for active games and walks. It is at this age that it is important to provide the puppy with a complete healthy diet. This is necessary to prevent the development of various diseases and metabolic disorders. Proper balanced nutrition with Royal Canin is a guarantee of your pet’s health.

You can order the best food for your pet in the Brekz online store.