There are different styles and trends in clothing and choosing accessories. Based on the availability, we try to choose exactly what corresponds to the everyday, work and festive look. And having already made a choice in favor of a certain appearance, we select accessories that correspond to it. Moreover, we have numerous stores where you can find any variant, like at Christ.

Is It Important To Choose Right Accessories?

Foremost, it is worth noting that you can mix and experiment, but only within an acceptable range. For example, you can safely combine jeans, a shirt with cufflinks from Burberry, a cardigan, a jacket, jeans and classic shoes with discreet but good watches within the boundaries of “Smart Casual”. This style is calmly suitable for business meetings, while it will look quite appropriate to the setting and atmosphere.

In general, the order of business communication requires a certain dress code. Naturally, it requires certain accessories. For women: wristwatches, discreet thin bracelets, it is desirable that it be expensive jewelry (Pandora, Swarovski) or silverware (gold looks vulgar, even if these are small earrings). A discreet chain on the chest in silver is also allowed (maybe expensive jewelry from leading brands that emphasizes a business background). Countless variants are possible, so don’t forget to visit Christ to find yours!

For men: several accessories are allowed with a business suit: a tie clip, shirt collar fasteners (in exceptional cases), cufflinks, a watch and a wedding ring. Two of them – a watch and a tie clip – are required, and everything else is optional.

There is such a thing as negotiations without ties – an informal atmosphere. In this case, it is customary to wear discreet jewelry made of gold, platinum and silver (this also includes jewelry) for women. They are worn under more comfortable and non-binding clothing. For example, a combination of sweater-jeans-shoes. Or: turtleneck, jacket, jeans and shoes. For men, everything remains stricter, only a bracelet on the left or right hand can be added to everything else – it all depends on which side the person wears the watch on.

If we talk about solemn events, then it all depends on the type of event. For example, it could be a wedding. It is divided into two parts: the ceremonial part, where it is customary to be in cocktail dresses for women and suits for men. Here, women are allowed more expensive jewelry that emphasizes the solemnity of the moment. And for a restaurant, of course, evening dresses with expensive and bright jewelry are worn. Men are allowed to wear tuxedos with gold cufflinks and watches made of precious metals. All these may be found on Christ website.

It is worth remembering that for different occasions – their own accessories and jewelry, which are appropriate at a specific time for them. You can’t, for example, wear platinum earrings with diamonds in the middle of the day: they will look at you with obvious disapproval and misunderstanding. The Queen does not wear her crown all the time and everywhere. In matters of clothing and jewelry, regulations are a fundamental thing! Christ will help you to be always stylish!