According to the online store Stradivarius, trendy colors also need to be able to combine. And in this article we will consider the rules for their application. And also examples.

There are several general principles. To understand all of them, you need to start by studying the color wheel. And only then look at this circle and, based on the location of the shades on it, collect your bows. For example, in one image, opposite shades will look great. And also, on the contrary, shades of the same tone. That is, those that are next to each other. It can be purple and red, blue and green.

In addition, it’s cool to stretch the color and collect a monochrome bright look in one color, but with different shades. So, you can combine rich purple, lilac and muted lavender with each other. Or fuchsia, bright bubble gum, coral and powdery.

In addition to the basics, to stylishly combine colors in clothes, you need to know which color combinations will be fashionable in 2022. To achieve this, the Stradivarius online store provides a trendy palette of shades.

Green + purple

This combo has appeared in almost every spring-summer 2022 show, so it’s definitely worth a closer look. In addition, fashionable combinations of green and purple are found in many images of Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers. Clothes of these colors are presented in the Stradivarius online store dependably.

Blue + beige

Surprisingly, we haven’t tried this yet. Who would have thought that rich blue would be such a cool contrast with calm beige? Win-win!

Orange + green

It seems that green this year is definitely breaking all fashion records and most often appears on the catwalks. In addition to purple, it will look cool with a “delicious” orange shade of Stradivarius clothing. True, here it is best to look not at the spruce shade, but at light green or even acid. This combination of colors will look much more advantageous.

Blue + pink

In order not to be mistaken, it is important to choose and combine shades of both blue and pink correctly. The best choices are electric blue and pink fuchsia.

Lavender + light pink + white

The sweetest is the last. Without further ado, this is the best combination of spring-summer colors in clothes, along with the main shade of 2022 – Very Peri.

You can buy clothes in the most trendy colors of this season in the Stradivarius online store. Here you can choose the most relevant bow for all occasions!