Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the right choice of mattress. This is, no doubt, very good. The only bad thing is that many people forget to ask how to choose a pillow for sleeping. In the store, we superficially evaluate a few models that we like and choose the one that the inner voice will point to, and it is often guided by our desire to save money. Is this the right approach? Not really, because with an incorrectly selected pillow, the properties of even the highest quality and correct mattress will only appear by 80%. The result of regular sleep on the wrong pillow – pain in the neck and back, headaches and allergies. What parameters are important to pay attention to in the first place? In this article, together with The Range, we will tell you how to choose the right pillow. Let’s go!

Types And Shapes Of Pillows

From the previously familiar square pillows, we gradually moved on to rectangular ones, and then to orthopedic ones. It does not interfere with understanding the features of each type and form.

Pillows for sleep can be divided into two groups:

  • classic;
  • orthopedic.

The classic pillow is familiar to everyone since childhood. Previously, square pillows sized 70*70 cm and children’s 50*50 cm were common. Now, more than half of buyers choose euro-sized pillows – 70*50 cm and 60*40 cm for adult and children’s products, respectively. How to explain such popularity? First, a person in a dream moves horizontally, and not from top to bottom. Secondly, for a pillow 70 * 50 cm, less filler is needed, which affects the price. Thirdly, most bed linen manufacturers complete sets with rectangular pillowcases. Pillows made of the highest quality material can be ordered on The Range website.

Orthopedic pillows provide reliable head support and are necessary for problems with the spine. Such products are in the form of a roller or a rectangle with a recess in the center to ensure the optimal position of the head and neck during rest. Orthopedic sleep pillows are made from several layers of special filler (latex, memoryform, polyurethane foam), which remembers the position of the head and neck. In fakes, only one layer of regular filler is used, as in classic pillows. Therefore, when buying, you should be extremely careful. The best orthopedic pillows can be ordered at The Range.

These products are recommended for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system, suffering from osteochondrosis, chronic pain in the cervical spine, torticollis, increased muscle tone, as well as those with injuries and displacement of the vertebrae. There is no consensus on whether it is worth using orthopedic pillows for everyone without exception. Official medicine says that there should be no harm, but common sense suggests that if there are no health problems, then you can choose a classic, but high-quality, pillow – it will be cheaper, but no less comfortable.

The downside of an orthopedic pillow is the need to get used to its shape, increased rigidity, hard and high side. Both classic and orthopedic pillows can be purchased at The Range online store.

Cushion Height

If the sizes of pillows for sleeping are more or less standard, then the height can vary significantly. When choosing, take into account the features of the physique of the sleeper and the preferred sleeping positions:

if you usually sleep on your side, then the height of the pillow should correspond to the width of the shoulder. Measure the distance from the base of the neck to the shoulder point. Lovers of such a dream will be comfortable on pillows 10-14 cm high;

for those who like to sleep on their backs, a lower pillow is needed – 8-10 cm. However, if you often roll over from side to back, then take a product 10-13 cm high;

for those who are more accustomed to sleeping on their stomach, the lowest pillows are suitable – 6-8 cm;

if in a dream you constantly turn over, then it is better to take a pillow of medium height and try to lie on it in different positions in the store;

the softer the mattress, the lower the pillow should be;

women tend to fit lower pillows than men.

Pillow stiffness

The stiffness of the pillow for sleeping is also selected depending on the preferred posture during rest:

  • hard pillows are suitable for those who like to sleep on their side, since good support for the head and neck is especially needed here. Such products are also recommended for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system;
  • semi-rigid pillows are a great option for those who sleep on their backs;
  • soft pillows are best for those who spend a lot of time sleeping on their stomachs.

Hardness depends on the filler. To make the pillow stiffer, horsehair, latex and some synthetic fillers are used to provide softness to the product, down, feather and synthetic winterizer are used. In medium-hard pillows, several fillers are combined, and sometimes buckwheat is used.

In subsequent articles, we will continue to consider the topic of choosing pillows. In the meantime, follow the link to The Range website and order everything you need for a good and deep sleep!