The history of vaping began recently, but even in such a short period, this device has gained immense popularity. Now many people are giving up regular smoking in favor of a more pleasant and safe vaping.

It remains only to pick up everything you need. Vape liquid is one of such important elements. The market is crowded with various offers and this complicates the process a bit. But if you know some tricks, the choice will not be so difficult. In this article, in collaboration with Totally Wicked, we will go over all the main points related to the choice of mixes for the wipe. Let’s go!

Finished Liquid Or Mixing

If you are just starting to use a wipe, then only ready-made liquid is suitable. After all, you don’t know anything about the other components and how to mix proportions, but it’s not worth the risk.

Experienced vapers can mix and make their own unique compositions. You just need to purchase the necessary components. Just look for a reliable seller who will have certified products. For example, the site Totally Wicked sells the best and most proven products. Follow the pinned link!


This means how much nicotine will be present in the composition.

Manufacturers Can Use 2 Types of Nicotine:

  • ordinary;
  • saline.

The latter appeared not so long ago and differs from the usual one in that its composition is more adapted to the Ph level of a person.

If we take the content of ordinary nicotine in the liquid, then it can be 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 18 mg per 1 ml of liquid. As for the salt, then there are 5, 10, 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 65 mg per 1 ml of the composition.

It is clear that you must calculate the optimal dose for yourself. It all depends on the number of previously smoked cigarettes and the vaporization of your gadget. By the way, you can order the highest quality and most reliable devices on the Totally Wicked website. Follow the pinned link!

PG/VG ratio

We are talking about propylene glycol (PG), which is responsible for the strength and taste, and glycerin (VG), which is added to produce steam. These are the main components that are necessarily present in the liquid. True, their ratio may fluctuate. It all depends on what sensations you want to get: steam or taste.

  • Both components are present in a 50/50 liquid. It is considered a classic. You will feel the taste well, get a hit in the throat. The amount of steam is small.
  • 65 or 60 VG/35 or 40 PG is another popular ratio. Here the taste is moderate. The same can be said about density.
  • 70 VG/30 PG – lots of vapor and very smooth taste.
  • up to 80 VG / up to 20 PG – the liquid is very thick. Very powerful devices can handle this.
  • about 95% PG – the taste is revealed to the maximum. At the same time, you will hardly see a couple.

You have to decide what is your priority: taste or steam. If you don’t know yet, try experimenting. Follow the fixed link to the Totally Wicked website and choose the composition that suits you.


Here, rely only on personal feelings. As in the previous paragraph, try. Then find the right one for you.

To make your life a little easier, let’s try to name the most popular options:

  • fruit/berry: citrus, raspberry, strawberry, lemon;
  • tobacco;
  • refreshing: menthol, mint.

There are also more unusual flavored pastries or drinks.

Remember that they can all be natural or synthetic. So, the choice is yours.

Tip: if you are allergic to a certain product, you should not take a similar taste. It’s better not to risk it.

Evaporator Type

It is worth remembering that the evaporator is for hookah and cigar retraction. Therefore, this point must be taken into account in detail.

You have a vaporizer with a rather small opening, then you should not take an e-liquid that contains more than 60 VG. So the evaporator will start to burn, because its cotton wool is not designed for such a liquid.

The evaporator quickly becomes unusable and tastes burnt, then look for a liquid with a lot of PG.

If the liquid leaks or splatters, then there should be more VG in the formulation.

These were the main criteria that must be observed without fail. In addition, it is important to be interested in the origin of the liquid. Now there are many fakes on the market and no one knows what quality they are. Therefore, purchase only from trusted stores that can even provide quality certificates. For example, the site Totally Wicked has the best and most proven products. Follow the pinned link!

This rule applies not only to finished liquids, but also to the main components for mixing. Safety must come first.

Observing such simple rules, both a beginner and an experienced viper will be able to choose a ready-made liquid and components for it. Follow the fixed link to the Totally Wicked website and choose the best gadgets and consumables for them!