People are so accustomed to living online that even evenings with loved ones disappear into the virtual space. At the same time, leaving no trace of memories. Forget about the Internet for a few hours and get a lot of fun by arranging an unusual date.

The point is that we have ceased to be surprised and admire each other. And most importantly – to see and hear your partner. The main percentage of divorces is misunderstanding and ignoring. It is not uncommon to observe a situation where two people come to a restaurant and, instead of spending time with each other, are stuck on the phone. Moreover, clip thinking has generated a deformation of the focus of attention. The inability to focus on your interlocutor or one thing is the scourge of today’s society. On the basis of this, aggression, irritability and chronic fatigue arise. Due to the fact that the flow of information is very fast, the brain does not have time to rest. And in order to understand and accept your partner, you need to pay attention to him.

So, you wanted to spend this evening together. Of course, with the continuation of a pleasant time… By the way, to refresh the relationship between people in a couple, follow the link to the Sexy Avenue online store. Perhaps you will find something new for yourself.


Have you been on roller coasters or other similar attractions for a long time? Be sure to correct this omission. The thing is that for women, for example, swings and the like are associated with the deep development of sexuality. Psychologists and sexologists say that it begins to form in infancy. This happens when a father is holding his daughter in his arms. Moreover, oddly enough, for a child, mother’s breasts and father’s motion sickness are equal – peace of mind. This also includes stroking the head and kissing the forehead. Moreover, the release of adrenaline provokes the release of dopamine, endorphin and serotonin. It also suppresses cortisol, the stress hormone. Naturally, after such a shake-up and immersion in childhood memories, intimate life gets better automatically. And if you want to diversify it, then go to the Sexy Avenue online store.

Cooking Together

Very often you can hear from a woman: a man cooking in the kitchen is very exciting. The effect is enhanced if you cook something together. For example, bake duck with apples. It will be not only tasty, but also useful. While cooking, a conversation arises that will help you understand your partner. And if you drink a little red dry wine in the process, then the psyche will relax. In this case, it will be possible to find out the deep desires of your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Learn to listen and you will be given! At such moments, an understanding is born of what the partner wants in intimacy. What unfulfilled desires does he have? How to diversify the process. By the way, the Sexy Avenue online store can help you with this.

In general, the theme of the evening is an occasion. It is much more important to learn to understand yourself and your partner first of all. There is nothing worse than looking at one point and not noticing anything. And then it will be very difficult to establish communication with the spouse. And if children who see indifference grow up in this environment, then they develop distrust. And then – write wasted. You will be late with education. It is very important for children to see that their parents love and respect each other. Then and only then will they be successful and fulfilled in life. Otherwise, a person not adapted to life is formed. Therefore, psychological, sexual and intellectual satisfaction is very important in family relationships. In the case of the second point, the Sexy Avenue online store will help you.

Be happy!