Gant is a philosophy of life. A style that is remembered for its inimitable individuality. Every woman is the crown of creation, and she should look the part. But what will be in favor with English fashionistas this year? Let’s watch together!

Gant notes a significant detail: before the new fashion season, the whole world pays attention to London girls. And not in vain. Foggy Albion attracts with its mystery and, at the same time, traditionalism. This can be compared to a cold climate and the simultaneous warm current of the Gulf Stream. Despite the weather, the harvest and herds of sheep were almost always in abundance here. By the way, it is British wool that has been considered the reference since the Middle Ages.

This atmosphere creates a paradox: London fashionistas are way ahead of their time. Before everyone else, they demonstrate with might and main fashion trends on the streets of the city. At the same time, the rest of the world has to wait for new fashion weeks. Collections from world designers.

1. Square toe shoes

Fashion loves contrasts, so the pointed toe has been replaced by a blunt one. There are not just numerous shoes with a square toe in the Gant spring collections, but a lot. In 2022, all fashionistas in the world will wear such ballet flats and Mary Jane shoes, ankle boots, boots and sandals. The perfect combination with such shoes would be a satin midi skirt or suit shorts from.

2. Cutout top

One of the wardrobe items. It can easily exist both in everyday outfits and in evening looks. The cutout top is perfect for high-waisted pants or pants that match the top.

3. Cardigan

Fashionable cardigans will help to diversify the style of clothing and bring zest to your everyday wardrobe in 2022. Stylish and practical cardigan from Gant looks beautiful and casual. In the new season, designers have provided many cuts and styles. This allows you to harmoniously choose a cardigan for any clothes.

4. Lace-up boots

Lace-up boots can be safely attributed to the fashion trends of 2022. This basic shoe is versatile to any look. So, you can complement your favorite jeans with lace-up boots. Wear them with a pantsuit within the office. Combine with evening dress. Or pair it with a leather outfit. Moreover, you can safely experiment: top – shirt and Gant cardigan; bottom – knee-length leather skirt and lace-up boots.

5. Gant sheepskin coat

A sheepskin coat is a great solution for the cold season. In the fashion season of 2022, such sheepskin coats will perfectly emphasize the figure. And fur trim will add a special chic to the image. The variety of fashionable styles of women’s sheepskin coats allows you to choose the perfect option for everyone. At the same time, emphasize individual style. Fur can be the same shade as the main color of the sheepskin coat. Or maybe contrast with it.

6. Large bag

Not a single season is complete without big bags. In 2022, this trend will continue to delight fashionistas. A large bag is convenient. You can download everything you need and always carry it with you. In addition, it is a stylish and noticeable detail of the image. Volumetric models are present in the Gant collections.

7. Wool jumper

In a fashionable women’s jumper in 2022, there are many original and relevant interpretations. Thanks to this, trendy outfits along with jumpers carry different emotions. They have a unique and inimitable character. According to Gant, these sweaters will remain relevant for the 2022-23 winter.

8. Wide leg jeans

In contrast to the classics, wide-cut jeans appear in the new fashion season of 2022. The length of wide jeans can be classic or slightly shortened. There is a variant of the classic length. And you can buy a fashionable short version in the Gant online store.

9. Black pants

Fashionable women’s trousers are comfortable, fashionable, stylish and beautiful. So, this year, the designers preferred black. Gant Tip: Pair black skinny pants with a black sweater and black jacket. Also, a cloak of the same color will work very well. Such a collaboration visually makes a woman slim and sophisticated.

10. Jumpsuit

Fashionable overalls will help you look stylish and elegant, feeling free, easy and comfortable. This is in the fashion season 2022 – the best outfit for every any woman or girl. The Gant online store presents summer overalls, shorts, elegant overalls for the evening. Also, trendy denim overalls, overalls made of flowing and light fabrics and others.

Gant loves his customers very much, so he makes the best and most fashionable clothes for all occasions!