The heart muscle pumps more than 7,000 liters of blood daily, providing the body with oxygen and nutrients. Its work is affected by the state of the coronary vessels, blood pressure and lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to engage in the prevention of complications at any age, without waiting for “alarm bells” in the form of shortness of breath, hypertension or heart failure. Lloyds Pharmacy online store brings to your attention 10 basic rules for maintaining heart health.

Move Actively Every Day

Like any muscle, the heart requires regular exercise. When playing sports, the walls of the pericardium are strengthened, the ventricles work smoothly, providing a stable rhythm. Stressed or fright, the body easily withstands pressure surges, and its resistance to insulin improves.

Doctors recommend 150-200 minutes of active sports per week. For greater benefit, divide the time into 5-6 days, devoting 30-40 minutes to the exercises. A good load is given by cycling, swimming, outdoor games and running. It has been proven that daily walks at a fast pace reduce the risk of heart disease by 2.5 times. And all preventive medicines can be purchased at the Lloyds Pharmacy online store.

Control Your Blood Pressure

With indicators of 140/90, the arteries narrow, the blood supply to the internal organs is disturbed. This increases the risk of stroke by 40-50%, provokes heart failure. The load wears out the heart, causing it to beat at an accelerated pace. At the first signs of hypertension, consult a doctor, take drugs that normalize blood pressure. Accurate pressure gauges are available from Lloyds Pharmacy.

Fight Excess Weight

Obesity of any degree several times increases the risk of heart disease. It is accompanied by the development of atherosclerosis, blockage of the coronary arteries. The most dangerous is abdominal fat. It accumulates around the internal organs. Watch your weight, do not overeat, arrange fasting days more often. Enter the mandatory consumption of vitamin complexes. They can be purchased from the Lloyds Pharmacy online store.

Give Up Bad Habits

Alcohol and smoking increase the chances of dying from a heart attack by 40-45%. Cigarettes contain dangerous tars and toxins that slow down the recovery of heart muscle cells. They reduce the level of oxygen in the blood. This is one of the causes of pericardial tissue necrosis and heart failure. All the necessary medicines for recovery can be bought at the Lloyds Pharmacy online store.

Control “Bad” Cholesterol

Have your blood tested annually to check your cholesterol levels. With an increased content of a dangerous indicator, switch to proper nutrition. Reduce the consumption of carbohydrate foods: sweets, bread, pastries, sugar in any form, smoked meats and processed meats. Supplement the diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, flax seeds. Start taking special vitamin complexes. They can be purchased from the Lloyds Pharmacy online store.

Measure Your Blood Sugar

Prediabetes and stage 2 diabetes are asymptomatic. A high level of glucose changes the composition of the blood, destroys blood vessels and heart cells. Analyzes or a test with a glucometer help to identify a dangerous disease at an early stage. Sugar can be controlled with a special diet, medication, and an active lifestyle. Blood glucose meters can be purchased from the Lloyds Pharmacy online store.

Avoid Stress

Difficult working conditions, stressful situations at work and in the family can lead to a heart attack, increasing the risk of dangerous heart diseases by 3 times. Learn to manage negative emotions, take sedatives as prescribed by your doctor. For example, magnesium with vitamin B6. It can be purchased from the Lloyds Pharmacy online store. Get rid of emotional stress through sports, hobbies or socializing with friends. Do not neglect the help of an experienced psychologist.

Don’t Skip Healthy Fats

Wanting to avoid atherosclerosis, people refuse meat and milk in favor of vegetables. Doctors recommend that you include lean chicken, beef and turkey in your diet, which supply valuable proteins and amino acids to the heart muscle. But do not forget that the meat product should occupy no more than a quarter of the plate, served boiled or baked without fatty sauce.

Take Fish Oil

Sea fish is the main “supplier” of valuable omega-3 fatty acids. It maintains the elasticity of the heart muscle, protects against free radicals, and prevents the oxidation process. Serve herring, mackerel, tuna or flounder several times a week. To prevent atherosclerosis and angina pectoris, take preparations based on fish oil 2 times a year. They can be purchased from the Lloyds Pharmacy online store.

Eat Properly And Nutritiously

Strict diets deplete the body. Reduce the content of magnesium, potassium and sodium. They are necessary for the heart to function properly. For prevent diseases, eat right, basing the diet on low-fat dairy and meat products, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Cut down on potatoes, white rice, and flour to keep sugar levels at an optimal level.

Cardiovascular disease is difficult to treat. Therefore, doctors recommend engaging in their comprehensive prevention. Proper nutrition, cholesterol control and exercise are great habits that can keep your heart healthy for years to come. Blood pressure monitors and heart medications are available from Lloyds Pharmacy.